About Ivan Zlatarov Electric

About Ivan Zlatarov Electric

Greetings from Ivan

Hi there,

I’m Ivan Zlatarov, the heart behind Ivan Zlatarov Electric. I’m 40 years old, my journey from Bulgaria to the heart of the US electrical industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Since arriving in the US in 2005, I’ve transitioned from working in a pizzeria in Florida to mastering the craft of electrical work in Massachusetts. My path from an apprentice electrician to the proud owner of Ivan Zlatarov Electric reflects my dedication to excellence and passion for customer service.

For me, electrical work is not just about wires and circuits; it’s about creating lasting relationships with you, our valued customers. I believe in offering more than just technical services; we aim to be a trustworthy presence in your home or business, ensuring comfort and minimal disruption. My love for this job and the people we serve drives me to deliver the highest quality work every day.

I’m grateful for every opportunity to meet new people and strengthen our community through reliable electrical solutions. Our commitment is to you – to ensure your safety, enhance your comfort, and enrich your lives through dedicated service.

Let’s embark on this journey together. I look forward to getting to know you and exploring how we can light up your world.

And Our Team

At Ivan Zlatarov Electric, we understand that the strength of our service lies not just in our skills but in our shared values and aspirations. That’s why we meticulously select team members who not only possess exceptional technical abilities but also embody the same dedication to quality, customer service, and community building that I do.


At Ivan Zlatarov Electric, our mission is to illuminate lives beyond mere electrical services. We’re set on innovating with cutting-edge systems, and redefining customer service excellence. Our foundation is built on strong values, a commitment to go the extra mile, and a promise to deliver uniquely high-quality services consistently. We’re not just about lighting up homes and businesses; we’re here to build lasting relationships and ensure every interaction with us adds value to your life.

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Strong Core Values
  • High-Quality Service Delivery